Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In which the Birthday Dapper-Fish is a thing

So I'm poor. And we all know that drawing is what people do for gifts when they’re too poor (cheap) to buy real gifts.
And thats fine because we all know the drill:
If it’s christmas; You draw some depiction of Santa getting his christmas on, if it’s easter; You draw a giant bunny in close proximity to chocolate eggs, if someone loses a tooth, you draw them a toothfairy, except you don’t because tooth-losey cards aren’t a thing, but if you were to express your feelings towards somebodies loss of a tooth in card format, you’d tart that card up with a horribly predictable likeness of the toothfairy.
But what about birthdays? birthdays don’t have a thing. And they should. There is no good reason why birthdays should be the one event that can’t be summed up as a character on a card.
So after an unreasonbly long time trying to decide what to draw, I realised there is gap in the market, and I went about designing the embodyment of birthday cheer. And after much workshopping, sleepless nights, and graphite stained figures, I present to you:
Nothing says happy birthday like a fish in a suit. It’ll catch on in no time. Enjoy, it’s my gift to the world.

So to klee, happy birthday and stuff. I hope the Birthday Dapper-Fish bought you all the fun-stuffed memories you wished for. And to everybody else, remember, Birthday Dapper-Fish, it’s a thing. Tell your friends.

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