Monday, February 28, 2011

In which a face happens

Its a face!
 A pretty natasha-shaped-face to be precise. I know I wasn't very exciting in how I drew it, in the sense that it's lacking any surrealism that I would usually rely on to fool you into thinking my work is interesting (this isnt a new found confidence in my work, its just laziness). If it helps, it was intended to part of a comic involing the acquisition of lobster hands, but I have nothing to prove that.

So yes, despite being a purely theoretical audience, may say, "But James! what came of the zines and illustrations for graphic novels and games that you promised?" Well to that I say "Psh" and "whatev's" because I"m too angsty to do the work I've had 3 months to work on. In my defense I did start art school which is fairly intensive if you're prone to freaking out at the first sign of difficulty like I am.  As far as stuff that school  has made me do, I made this guy;

from Polystyrene... or was it Styrofoam? are they different? 
*doesnt understand the explaination*
anyway, so then I did a bunch of fancy things and poured Aluminium onto it and it burst into pretty flames and evolved into this guy;

It was just like pokemon. Only pokemon don't give off noxious gases (except the ones that do)
Also I like how the Polystyrene/Styrofoam bits are still all over my desk in these photos despite a fairly significant amount of time having passed since carving him.
So yeah, thats my story.


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