Sunday, May 29, 2011

In which work is done

UUUURGH. drawing project....all done. No more leaving projects to the last minute! I've been saying that since forever, but I swear I mean it this time!
Look at me posting twice in a week! I'm fighting the part of me that makes me a useless blogger. See, I want to wait and produce something career defining and brilliant before I post about it. I still feel that way. But what really happens is that months pass without me creating anything even passable, let alone the aforementioned career defining brilliance. So I scrape the bottom of my proverbial art-barrel, and end up posting what ever scaps I find. Meaning I should really have just posted that scap as I made it. So thats my new goal. Just upload stuff. So matter how mediocre. That said; heres some mediocre drawings from my life drawing class!

"Surrealism" It's not that hard.
 So this completely average guy came out of my last drawing project. The idea was take a life drawing and add to it and surrealify it. So I went with the whole "add an animal head" approach to surrealism. Too easy.

Everything about this is the opposite to "life" drawing.

So if your life model can't come to class, apparently the solution is to wheel out the fake skeleton. Perhaps a sly commentary on the glorification of eating disorders in models in the fashion world.... or not... either way I dont completely hate it...
Also conté is hard! why the crap do we use it? I end up fucking figure painting everytime I use it. And small details are impossible! And then it gets on everything I touch for the rest of the day... ok no more complaining until I can figure out how to rant without sounding like a bad 80's stand up act, playing to a niche audience of artists.

Anyway, so that happened. I will further update you on my mediocre artistic exploits in the not-too-distant future.

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